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Boy Scouts of America Troop 42
March 2008
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Here is everything we have done at the March Troop Meetings!

On 3/4, we had Nick open and close the meeting. We had a troop Green Bar Meeting and planned the meetings for March & April (Green Bar Minutes will be posted shortly). We also discussed upcoming trips and events. Nick also took the troop out to play a game called "Virus".
On 3/11, we had Nick open and close the meeting. We had Jeff discuss the pros and cons of the Buddy System, and a lesson on woods tools was also completed by Bobby C. Anyone who attended this meeting and did not already have a Totin Chip, recieved one. For the game, the scouts played a game involving baloons and tag. In the Patrol Meetings, scouts began preparing their menus for the Belleplain Trip at the end of the month. We accomplished a lot of business during the meeting and it seemed as though everyone had a fun time.

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