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One of our troop member's was featured in the Southern Regional High School Newspaper known as the Rampage in the November issue! This member happens to be the troop's Senior Patrol Leader.

Southern Regional's Unsung Hero
by Colette Cornatzer
Thanks to Dan Sickles, boy scouts are still helping little old ladies cross the street. Our Unsung Hero of this issue is Southern Regional senior, Dan Sickles (17), a Boy Scout leader for troop number forty-two. Dan believes in old school Boy Scout morals and he is instilling that in his troop.
Dan leads his troop on hours of community service. One program Dan Sickles is involved with is called Scouting for Food, a Thanksgiving traditon for the Boy Scouts. The boys go door to door in a specific town and give all of the residents in that town a bag. The residents put canned and nonperishable items into the bag and then the next week, the troop comes around and collects the bags to give to the poor.
In additon to Scouting for Food, Dan's troop cleans up roads, paints fire hydrants, and plants flowers. Dan and his troop also contributed a great deal to Waretown's haunted hayride this year by dressing up and scaring all who dared to enter.
This year is Dan's seventh year in the troop and he was just promoted to Senior Patrol Leader.
Dan's dedication to his troop and to the community has earned him many rewards including this issues's Unsung Hero!

This article was re-typed by the Webmaster, however, it is a true article from Southern Regional's Rampage!

Webmaster: Daniel Sickles
                 Asst. Scoutmaster